We have a veterinary pharmacy at Downtown Animal Clinic.  Many of the medications that your pet may need are stocked in our pharmacy.  Since our patients vary so much in size, we calculate the dose of every medication on an individual weight basis (mg/kg).  A Great Dane would need a very different dose than a Chihuahua would!  Just like with people, cat and dogs that are on long term medication have to be monitored for side effects and efficacy.  We want to make sure the medication is helping your pet!  Monitoring may involve blood and urine testing, or frequent physical examinations.  It is important that you inform us if your pet is receiving other medications.  We aim to avoid a negative drug interactions.

Let us walk you through the steps of filling a prescription:

  1.     After the veterinarian has examined your pet, or interpreted the necessary blood and urine tests, they may prescribe a medication.
  2.     The veterinarian or animal health technologist will go to the pharmacy and find the prescribed medication.  If it is pills, the pills need to be counted.  If it is liquid, the liquid needs to be measured out.
  3.     A label is put on the medication container stating the specific directions for your pet.  The dose, frequency and the duration of the medication is outlined.  Special directions like “refrigeration necessary” will be included as well.
  4.     One of our staff members will make sure you know how to administer the medication.  They may give you a demonstration or a handout on how to administer the medication.
  5.     The veterinarian or one of our staff members will advise you of any potential negative side effects, or whether the medication should be given on an empty or full stomach.

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