At Downtown Animal Clinic our staff is knowledgeable about pet nutrition and would be happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have. We would be glad to offer suggestions about what type of food would be most appropriate for you cat or dog.

We carry veterinary prescription diets from the following companies:

  •     Royal Canin
  •     Medi-Cal
  •     Hill’s
  •     Eukanuba
  •     Purina

We also have treats!

We will gladly accept preorders and special orders over the phone.

Other Pet Care Products

We carry many products that are important for you pet’s healthcare. These include:

  •     Fatty acid and vitamin supplements
  •     Veterinary dermatologist recommended shampoos and conditioners
  •     Brushes, combs, and nail trimmers
  •     A variety of cat toys
  •     Kongs
  •     Veterinary dentist recommended toothpastes, chews, and oral rinses
  •     Collars, leashes, and harnesses
  •     Gentle Leader halters
  •     Hairball remedies
  •     Household cleaners
  •     Ear cleaners

Our friendly staff can provide suggestions and information about what is most suitable for your pet. Please call (403) 262-3237 to talk with a staff member about one of our products or diets.