At Downtown Animal Clinic, our primary goal is to maintain the ‘Wellness’ of your pets. The idea of ‘Wellness’ is to keep your pet healthier longer and treat fewer illnesses. This requires a healthy emphasis on preventative medicine, surgery, nutrition and dentistry. Annual examinations for younger pets and bi-annual examinations for senior pets gives us an opportunity to find and resolve ‘issues’ before they become ‘problems’.

In keeping with our ‘Wellness’ goal, we want to ensure that your pet is properly protected from the types of infectious diseases which can afflict pets in our area. Vaccinations, parasite prevention programs and education are excellent tools to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Downtown Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital which has met the practice standards of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. We are open six days a week for appointments. Please call us today to book your appointment with one our veterinarians.